THE POWELL HAMMER - Yoder Style Power Hammer

A STEEL POWER HAMMER - Yoder Style Power Hammer

As featured in Metalshaping - The Lost Sheet Metal Machines


Let Us Build Your Power HammerWelcome to THE POWELL-HAMMER website. 

FINALLY! A "YODER-STYLE" Power Hammer which fits in an 8 foot clearance Garage or Shop without modifying the ceiling! 

THE POWELL-HAMMER is approximately ONE THIRD the weight of an original Yoder. Made of 1020 STEEL, it disassembles in three places for Easy Set-Up because both Upper and Lower Heads Unbolt. 

Proudly Hand Built in the USA

 <<< The Post is a Bulk Headed Webbed Steel Weldment
 with Sand Fill Capabilities for Ballast.
   Both Anvil and Ram are made of Billet Steel.>>> power hammer plans, designs, kit, dies, forge, blueprint - Yoder power hammer for sale

Powell Hammer Motor Close-Up View

 <<<It's powered by a 2HP-1725 RPM 110/220 Single Phase Motor, and has a Hydraulically Activated Cone Clutch which is Kevlar Lined

  • Post - 18" sq.
  • Throat Depth - 35"
  • Throat Height - 20"
  • Footprint - 48" X 52"
  • Approximately 1,000 BLOWS Per Minute

    We also offer a 'Pettingell Style' Powell Hammer:

  • Post - 12" sq.
  • Throat Depth - 28"
  • Throat Height - 18"
  • Footprint - 48" X 48"

    Special Orders: We can also accommodate those who prefer
    a Double Sided Powell Hammer with all Yoder Style,
    Pettingell Style Upper and Lower Arms or a Combo of the two.

    We LOVE special orders! Here is a custom built power hammer
    we recently created for Dream Car Garage.

    And here is a Yoder style hammer built for and delivered to
    Bobby Brock of Bob's Customs in Texas.

    Prices On Request 

    For more information on the Powell Hammer,
    phone Steve Powell at 989-413-3059
    or email by clicking .

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